Recap - 2013 The Year Of Many Firsts!

It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed me by. I feel very blessed for all I have accomplished in the year 2013. Well I launched my blog in the end of 2012 however my fashion blogging didn't come until the year of 2013. I found a whole new love for blogging and still do. I love being able to put together a look that is not only relatable to other girls around the world, but to be able to express how I am feeling without exactly saying it. I am constantly trying to push the limits and expand where I shop. If you haven't followed my Lookbook.nu account click here

This year I won a Forever 21 contest and have been featured a total four times this year on there Instagram. I have been featured on their Facebook page several times as well as apart of one of their daily emails. Forever 21 is always apart of my wardrobe, and always will be. You can still be fabulous without having to break the bank. I feel truly blessed that such an amazing company continues to support Fashion Bloggers out there including myself. Fashion is what inspires me most and keeps me going. 

I graduated from College with a major in Multimedia Design and Development!! I was so proud of myself that I graduated with honors of a GPA of 3.5! My love of schooling has to do with the fact I love challenging myself and learning things I hadn't before. I wasn't able to attend my dream school this year London College of Fashion but I continue to try and set goals for myself. This summer I plan on taking a month long photography program at Spéos located in Paris, France. On my Instagram account @KRISTINAWILDE I use the hashtag #wildephotography for all photographs I have taken. I continue to shoot as much as possible, I absolutely love it and crave it so much.

This past summer I traveled around Europe, this was my first time every going outside of the states, besides Mexico. I saved for this trip for months upon months but it was worth every penny. I was lucky enough to travel with one of my best friends Alyssa. We are addicted to traveling and hope to do is some day soon together! Along the way I made friends that I know I will have for a lifetime. Traveling is amazing and I recommended anyone that never has, to really save a little money each check and go for it. You really have no idea what you are missing! On this adventure  I was on a tour with group of 26 other people and we did 10 countries ( 2 of which were Monaco and The Vatican small but very wealthily) in an amount of 30 days! I could post an absolute ton about this and post a zillion pictures I took. I will just limit it to the select few I just adore. P.S For everyone who follows me on Instagram I used the hashtag #wildegoestoeurope

I continue to try and expand my blog, new places, new people, new horizons, and new items added to the wardrobe. I have faith that this year 2014 will bring me many more first and I can't wait to share that journey with you all! xx


  1. Gorgeous photos and a great year!:)


  2. Thank you! I really had an amazing year! xx


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