Festival Look x Teen Vogue & Marc Jacobs

So its about that time again! I can't believe festival season is already upon us! If you have been following my blog for a while now you all know I was so lucky to be chosen to go to Forever 21 Take Over The Saguaro at Palm Springs last year. This is again I am wishing that I will be picked out of tons and hundreds of entries to actually attend Coachella Weekend 1 with Teen Vogue and Marc Jacobs! Putting together this look was a lot of fun and really got me in the spirits of festivals and Coachella! Wish me luck!!

| Hat - Forever 21 | Shall - H&M | Jumpsuit - Nordstrom Rack | Shoes - Thrifted |


  1. I love all of your looks, this look is perfect!
    pretty <3

    glad I found you on instagram as well for more inspiration!


  2. Your jumpsuit is so cute!
    It looks great on you.

    Good luck!


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